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CALIFORNIAN MASSAGE is a holistic form of massage developed at the Esalen Institute in California, through which we will understand how our body is born into the adventure of living.  Journey within in an atmosphere of safety and trust. Presence, stillness, hara focus. Conscious touch. 

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CALIFORNIAN MASSAGE or SENSITIVE MASSAGE is a form of work developed at the Esalen Institute (California), which integrates principles of Gestalt psychology, meditative nature, quality of contact and manual techniques (Swedish massage, hammocks, feldenkrais, craniosacral, Hawaiian, Thai, etc.). There, in the 1960s, great and important philosophers, psychologists, therapists, artists and thinkers of the time came together and investigated other ways of healing. They realised that in order for healing to take place, one has to connect with the body.

Firstly, the aim of the Californian massage is to bring the person’s attention to their inner world, in order to become aware and to cleanse the tensions and burdens that have accumulated.  A space for emptying in order to be able to find ourselves again. Only when we connect with the haven of peace that awaits our deepest being, we activate our own self-healing mechanisms. For this, we will base ourselves on 3 basic pillars of Californian Massage: conscious contact, breathing and presence. Along with this, we will integrate different body techniques, among which the main one is the application of long movements, inspired by the waves of the sea. These gentle, deep, harmonious and integrative movements, with which the therapist guides the patient, produce a sensation of unity and wholeness.

True well-being comes from feeling our own presence, companionship, compassion, acceptance and love for who we really are.


Each session is unique, as each person’s experience is unique.  The naked body is covered with a sheet. First, there is a conscious, firm and gradual touch, to create trust and connection with the client. This is followed by slow and deep touches that help to raise awareness and, accompanied by deep breathing, invite the client to go inwards. Conscious listening by the therapist to relieve muscle tension, mobilise joints and gently stretch the tissues, based on long, slow and integrative movements.  It is the ideal massage for those who want to become aware of themselves. In this way, you will be able to enter into a meditative attitude, connected to the breath and live in the present, the here and now. Observing the body attentively and letting go of thoughts, thus having a great impact on blockages and body memories, allowing us to feel the life that is inside us again.



The benefits of Californian massage are wide and extensive. On the one hand, it contributes to the expansion of consciousness using the language of the body, establishing itself as a truly holistic treatment. It also helps the person to readjust to themselves through what is happening inside them. No questions, no intellectual answers, but through experience, contact and presence. It relaxes both physically and emotionally. It reduces stress and gives a feeling of deep peace. Improves the nervous, respiratory, circulatory, digestive and immune systems. It gives flexibility to the joints and increases the elasticity of the body. Improves posture and body alignment. Releases physical and energetic blockages. 


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