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We listen to you. Feel at home. Services adapted to your needs and preferences. Communication and collaboration. Pro-active attitude. Team work. You are our priority.


Health is the natural state of the human being. Vitality, Balance and Wisdom, we connect with your natural healing forces!.

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Wide range of massages. For all tastes. In an exceptional atmosphere. A real sensory journey, come and experience it!

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Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn it. Train us to internalise knowledge.

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We offer a Top Ten Service.
We want you to come back and we want you to bring your family and friends!

What they say about our services

I would like to thank Pedro and the whole team at ShenSations for my incredible experience there.
As soon as you walk through the door you are welcomed by the tranquil environment and the beautiful decor of the studios. Pedro and his team are so warm and gentle and made me feel very safe, as this was my first experience of Shiatsu.
The massage was wonderful and I left with zero back pain, compared to that of which I arrived with. However I enjoyed the experience as much as the massage, with all the elements brought together I would definitely return and highly recommend to everyone.


I booked a 60 min deep tissue massage. On arrival Pedro asked me if I wanted him to include some shiatsu elements which I never tried and agreed to. Halfway through the massage I was enjoying it so much I asked if it could be e tended to 90 min which Pedro could luckily accommodate... what an experience! I returned two days later for a repeat session of 90 min.. a real treat in a busy cultural break !![bookly-cancellation-confirmation]


Is it possible to experience a 90 minute massage that changes your life?. I have had hundreds of massages over my lifetime. I have sought out and found the best massage therapists wherever I have lived.

Today I had the best massage of my entire life. Manuela Is a magician. She made all my cares and worries disappear. For 90 minutes during the massage and for hours after the massage was over, I was in heaven. All of my anger and my frustration were gone. I walked out onto the street a very different man from the one who walked into the massage studio and hour and a half prior.

Do yourself a favor and make time to come to this massage studio. You will never regret it. It might just change your life.


was in Seville on vacation and had developed a sore throat and a sinus infection. While I'd visited several pharmacies and was taking the equivalent of Tylenol and a decongestant, I'm really more of a natural modality kind of gal. We were walking past ShenSations building and I called and they were able to see me immediately. Even though my Spanish is spotty, his English was great and I was able to communicate my issues and he communicated a treatment plan of acupuncture and shiatsu. All for a lot less than I would have paid in the US. I left feeling a world better and much more confident about flying to the next city the next day. Thank you!

I came in feeling sick, sore in my body, exhausted, and clogged up (emotionally and literally, nasally). I’d been traveling spain for 3 weeks already and had caught some kind of cold/nausea in Bilbao before hand.

I left feeling refreshed, open, and by the next day was no longer sick! I forgot the name of my shiatsu massuse, but he was very gentle and kind— and Rocio, the acupuncturist, was sooo kind. They both made a huge difference for me. I loved the kindness and healing energy of the place. I suggest it for relaxation or for mental/physical healing.

Basically, they have your back, whatever you need!!



This amazing place situated in the centre of Seville is an experience not to be missed .We were greeted with a warm welcome into a really relaxing reception . The deep tissue massage left me feeling totally pain free for the first time in a very long time. When its time to leave , you dont want it to be over.. the staff become family very quickly. We cant wait for our next visit next week



In 1 word: excellent. Everything was just exactly how you want it. From making a reservation to saying goodbye. The people were so nice, they had all the time for you. You got treated with all the time you needed. And the massage was also very good. And i had a nice cup of tea 😉 all in all it is an excellent place to go.


I was in Sevilla to run the marathon and had a strained ankle. I went to ShenSations on Saturday before the race for a sport massage. Not only the massage was excellent but the therapist used other methods on my ankle to release the pain. The day after the marathon I returned and again when I explained my injury and the fact I had run the marathon with a very good time, the therapist adjusted his work and did shiatsu, acupunture... and even went over the 1h30 I had booked. I highly recommend this place. Some of the best massages I have had.



Shiatsu is a Japanese technique that by means of pressure in certain points of the body releases both physical and emotional tensions. The experience is highly recommended at all levels. The ShenSations Centre is located in the heart of Seville but just passing the threshold you start to enter another world, a very careful space where every element plays an important role: Lights, aromas, sounds and colours are arranged in a way that facilitates the work of the professionals in this centre. Little by little, the therapist's massages will lead you to a deep relaxation with a feeling of inner peace as you have never felt before and total absence of tension.


A fantastic experience. Pedro makes sure you feel good from the start, the atmosphere, the music and the fragrances help to maximise the sensations. We did a session oriented to the mother and child connection since I am pregnant in which my partner also participated. I recommend it 100%.


Great Moments of Well-being for you and yours !

Breathe, lie down, breathe and let yourself go to other spaces.
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