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How much effort we put into describing the different smells or tastes that visit us every day. What variety of sounds we are able to distinguish in a simple song and what multitude of colors adorn the dawn that filters through the window. But who finds in the touch, daily, all those nuances that inhabit the rest of the senses? It seems that the skin only cares about touching or being touched, and, perhaps, a certain delicacy, or brusqueness, in the gesture. That’s all.

So one arrives at shiatsu, with that primitive idea of touch, and discovers the infinite nuances that seemed to be reserved only for the ear, the smell, the sight or the taste.

Beyond the therapeutic effect (or perhaps, who knows, this is the true therapeutic effect of Shiatsu) the body is grateful, at first, for this discovery. Every centimeter of skin, every forgotten corner, has its own dose of touch. A measured, adjusted, precise, different dose… The right dose, the one needed in that place and in that instant.

Accustomed to many other massages, inspired by different techniques, we tend to think that for this discovery to manifest itself, a good disposition is enough, in the receiver, and an adequate qualification in the sender. But also here the shiatsu introduces a decisive nuance: the connection, the confidence.

If touch is capable of multiplying itself in infinite nuances it is, above all, because the hands of those who touch us seek something more than simple physical relief. They are looking for us. They seek the person in their labyrinth. They seek what is expressed (in the form of pain or loss) and also what is not manifested, what is hidden, hidden, waiting for someone to reveal it with the simple touch of an open hand.

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