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I still remember the first time I saw the word Shiatsu. It was on a training poster. The word captivated me so much that I even started doing the training. And to this day, I’m still in love with this technique. Love at first sight!

Shiatsu is a massage of Japanese origin, but like Traditional Chinese Medicine, it has spread all over the world, absorbing the particularities of each area. They literally translate it as “finger pressure”.  But it’s more than just finger pressure.  It is a complete system of healing centered on touch, whose structural body is based on the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, although there are other styles or schools. This art of contact with another touch, which is the most essential and direct form of communication, is a medicine as necessary for the human being as the air he breathes; it is the food that nourishes him both physically and mentally.

More than finger pressure.

ShiatsuWhen we perform a Shiatsu session, we use stretching, holding and pressure with the hands, thumbs, fingers, forearms, knees and feet. One hand acts as a support ( does a yin job, maintaining and listening to the whole body: the unconscious) and the other, as a projector or applicator ( does a yang job, acting on the surface and in a conscious way). It is necessary to unify the Yin and the Yang, the conscious and the unconscious, through the Ki. The technique is important, but the support is essential. Changes in the patient’s body with each pressure. This justifies the reason of the good operation of the Shiatsu, although different techniques are used.

Shiatsu acts on the whole being

In its body-mind-spirit aspects. Today, we know that different densities of energy give rise to the body ( dense energy) and to the mind – spirit ( more subtle energy).  This energy, in the oriental culture, receives the name of Ki ( Qi in Chinese), and it is defined as the power that unifies and animates. Since matter is in itself a form of energetic vibration, everything that exists is considered as Ki. And in our technique, we will make use of that Ki, and act on it, in all its manifestations. (“Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is only transformed”).

The flow of the Ki

The essence of life is the uninterrupted, fluid and constant beating of the heart and the action of breathing. Vitality, well-being, integrity, flexibility, focus, …etc, are manifestations of abundance and fluidity in the Ki; therefore, to feel pain, tension, obsession, tiredness, apathy, …etc, are manifestations of stagnation, blockade or insufficiency of Ki.

This Ki, is outside and inside us; it is found in everything that surrounds us, and we interiorize it with the conception. After birth, it is replenished through our breathing and food intake. Internally, it circulates within the so-called meridians or energy channels, and we can access them, through the tsubos or resonators (acupuncture points of Traditional Chinese Medicine), which act as a remote control to influence the pathological movements of the flow of Ki.  The Shiatsu, allows to restore the correct flow of the Ki, contributing this way to the recovery of the well-being and of the health.  The health, according to the oriental approach, is not a state without disease, is a state in which the mind and the body are integrated freely with the nature.

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