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In Western medicine, the causes of menstrual disorders are numerous, ranging from anemia, inflammation, poor development of the uterus and ovaries, to the presence of fibroids and tumors. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), all the specific aspects related to the menstrual cycle -duration, quantity, aspect of the flow, etc. – are only superficial reflections of deeper problems and imbalances. The underlying causes of menstrual disorders are found in the internal organs: disharmony in Qi, Blood and Body Fluids; imbalance of the Conception and Ruling Vessels meridians; and disorders of the Kidney essence. In any type of menstrual disorder, the state of the Blood is of vital importance. To regulate the menstrual cycle, it is always necessary to regulate the Blood.

The treatment to be applied is different according to the phase of the menstrual cycle:

1). Before your period:

El dolor a menudo se siente como una sensación de distensión, acompañado por los pechos hinchados, irritabilidad y depresión. En la MTC esta condición sugiere que estamos ante una situación de estancamiento del Qi del Hígado. El Qi del Hígado es responsable del flujo suave del Qi y la Sangre. Donde el Qi y la Sangre no fluyen suavemente, tendremos hinchazón o contracción de los tejidos, y habrá cierta presión en las terminaciones nerviosas produciendo dolor. Las técnicas más adecuadas son las de  dispersar y calmar  los Canales que aparecen plenos (normalmente el Canal del Hígado y a menudo el Canal del Bazo).  

2. During your period:

The pain is, most of the time, intense, sharp and worsens with pressure in the lower abdomen, and extends to the lower back, sacral and thighs. It is often accompanied by clots and a large amount of discharge. In TCM this often means either stagnation of the blood, due to disharmony of the spleen and liver, or cold. The techniques used in Shiatsu are identical to those of the previous phase.

3). Después del periodo:

Pain at the end or after the period often improves with the application of heat and pressure, and is often accompanied by a light flow, palpitations, dizziness and weakness. In TCM this condition manifests itself as weakness of Qi and Blood. In this case, weakness of Qi and Blood is more important than stagnation of Liver Qi. Thus, we will change the methods of dispersion to those of toning, especially in the Kidney and Bladder Channels, which are likely to present a void condition (Kyo). The Spleen Channel may also be empty and will need to be toned.

dolor menstrual

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) presents as irritability, depression, mommy bloating, sweet tooth anxiety, bloating and distension of the lower abdomen, and nausea. In Western medicine the causes are explained by a condition of hormonal imbalance and somatization of psychological factors. According to TCM, PMS is caused by a stagnation of Liver Qi affecting the Spleen and Stomach, causing stagnation of Qi and rising Qi in the Stomach Canal. In these cases, treatment should succeed in softening the Liver Qi, lowering the Stomach Qi and calming the mind. Thus, gentle Dispersion techniques will be applied to the Liver Channel and the body in general (e.g. rocking the body), which will smooth the flow of Qi. The treatment should focus on calming, especially the Stomach and Heart Channels.


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