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Being true to what I feel.

Rocio Alonso


An encounter

with my Self

For as long as I can remember I have been attracted to two professional areas: education and health. And thanks to education, I come to my first encounter with integrative therapies and I dedicate myself to well-being and health.

When I finished my degree in Pedagogy in 2006, I started working with young people and minors with serious learning disorders, including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Researching and investigating other complementary ways to treat these disorders I reach the Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST) and start my training at the Upledger Institute. Later, I continue to deepen my knowledge of this technique by acquiring practical training in the Biodynamic modality of Craniosacral Therapy.

I continue to investigate Cranio-Sacral Techniques, extending my work to adults with other types of difficulties. A year later I decide to extend my training with some other therapy that will provide me with a complement in my treatments, and I start my studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Later I specialized in Japanese Acupuncture. Currently I combine these two types of therapies, obtaining very good results and allowing me to carry out a holistic and integral work of the person.

At the same time, I carry out professional work in the field of education. Educator in sheltered homes, in education in values, in leisure and free time and especially in the world and social and intercultural integration. This allows me to get in touch with people and to travel. Almost always to not very developed destinations. And I am always accompanied by my hands and acupuncture material such as first aid kits.


In continuous


My vocation was born during my formation of craniosacral, which I complement with TCM. I love their techniques: acupuncture, suction cups, auriculotherapy, tuina, phytotherapy, electro-stimulation and especially moxibustion. I specialize in them. I keep on researching their uses and techniques. My practice in the clinic is advanced. I enjoy the healing power of the hands. I am incorporating new ways of working. As a masseur, and through Pedro Fernández Jabalera, I discover Shiatsu, a therapy in which I continue to train today.


2007 Nov. Madrid. Somato-Emotional Liberation Course II. Upledger Institute Spain.

2007 Sept. Madrid. Somato-Emotional Liberation Course I. Upledger Institute Spain.

2007 June, Granada. Cranio-Sacral Therapy Course II. Upledger Institute Spain.

2006 Sept. in Granada. Cranio-Sacral Therapy Course I. Upledger Institute Spain.


2009 Oct-May.2010. Barcelona. Japanese Acupuncture. Meridian Therapy, with Stephen Birch. Mataifu School.

2008 Apr-Oct. Barcelona. Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion. Dr. Yoshio Manaka method, with Stephen Birch. Mataifu School.

2007-2008 Jeréz. Course of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, with Carlos Nogueira Pérez E.M.E.T.,


2019 Oct-Nov. Madrid. Luna Lanna Massage Workshop. Luna Lanna School. Madrid

2019 Jan-April, Seville. Postgraduate course in Shiatsu in Movement, with David Ventura. School of Shiatsu and Movement.

2018 June-July. Barcelona. (Kobido) Japanese Face Lifting Course, Prana School.

2015-2016 Sep-Jun. Seville. CHIROMASSAGE TRAINING. PRAXIS Chiromassage School.

 “A man travels the world looking for what he needs and comes home to find it.”.



I had a Kobido massage with Rocio and it was a very positive experience, the atmosphere, the smells of the oils, and the massage completely fulfilled my expectations. Next time, we will do a couple's massage!


I came in feeling sick, sore in my body, exhausted, and clogged up (emotionally and literally, nasally). I’d been traveling spain for 3 weeks already and had caught some kind of cold/nausea in Bilbao before hand.

I left feeling refreshed, open, and by the next day was no longer sick! I forgot the name of my shiatsu massuse, but he was very gentle and kind— and Rocio, the acupuncturist, was sooo kind. They both made a huge difference for me. I loved the kindness and healing energy of the place. I suggest it for relaxation or for mental/physical healing.

Basically, they have your back, whatever you need!!



Located near the Alameda in Seville, this wonderful place offered me a great service. Even before entering the place I could feel the peace. I went to the acupuncture with Rocio Alonso and the treatment was excellent. She is very skilful and professional and makes you feel so comfortable that you don't want to leave. Grace!


Best recommendation I've had so far. The Zen atmosphere and the attention, in my case, from Rocio make the place a paradise of relaxation and peace. One hour of relaxing massage and completely renewed salts. I recommend 100%. I will certainly repeat.

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