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Understanding the whole being.


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Expression Space

The interest in natural techniques has always been present in my life. My first focus of attention was the medicinal plants that I was storing and classifying, learning everything about them and how they could be our allies.

In 2006 I began the study and practice of Shiatsu, a Japanese massage based on the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Experiment, how the work of wise hands could release tensions and provide a huge sense of well being.  I also learn that taking care of people’s spirit is as important as taking care of their body. The state of mind, the way in which thoughts and emotions are experienced, largely determines the state of health.

My professional career focuses on this approach: looking at the whole personCommunication, the ability to listen, to create a space of silence, so that those who need attention can express themselves, is especially important to me.

I’ve been training and practicing for most of my life. The techniques that accompany me are Shiatsu, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Biomagnetic Pair, Bach Flower Therapy, Foot Reflexology and Kinesiology among others.



In Constant


Learn and Experience to offer the best to the customers.  Integrative techniques to treat the whole being: body, mind, emotions and Spirit. Enthusiastic book reader.


2013. October. Postgraduate course Shiatsu. Psychopathologies in Traditional Chinese Medicine. With Rolando Geider.

2013. April. Postgraduate Course Shiatsu. San Jiao. From the Nine Suns to DNA. Rolando Geider

2012. Malaga. Postgraduate course in Shiatsu. Psycho-neuro-immunology. General and specific treatment through Shiatsu. Rolando Geider

2010. Oct. Malaga. Shiatsu Postgraduate Course. Approach from the Shiatsu of problems of anguish, stress, fears and depression.  Rolando Geider.

2009 Málaga. Postgraduate Course Shiatsu. The DAO and the three levels of pressure. With Rolando Geider.

2006-2009. Málaga. Shiatsu Therapy Training. European School of Shiatsu.


2006-2009. Málaga. Shiatsu Therapy Training. European School of Shiatsu.


2020.Feb. Cadiz. YNSA Craneopuncture Yamamoto Course. YNSA. Prof. Juan Han.

2018 October to July 2019. Advanced Program in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Distal Acupuncture for Pain. Jason Smith TCM.

2015. Cuenca. Seminar on Healing Humanism. NEIJING School of Traditional Oriental Medicine.

2014 a 2018. Seville. Course of Acupuncture and Moxibustion. NEIJING School of Traditional Oriental Medicine.

2012 a 2014. Seville. Diploma in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Kiros Institute of Integral Health.


2019. Oct-Nov. Madrid. Luna Lanna Massage Workshop. Luna Lanna School. Madrid

2010-2011 October to July. Seville. Diploma of Superior Quiromassage. Kiros Institute of Integral Health.


2018. Cadiz. Biomagnetic Training Course.

2017 Malaga. Fourth level of REIKI. With Rolando Geider.

2011. Sevilla. Diploma in Alchemical Aromatherapy. International Alchemy School.

2009-2010 October to July. Seville. Bach Flower Therapy. July, Seville.

2009.  June. Training in Faciotherapy Dien Chan Method.

 “Listen to your inner voice and you will begin to listen to the wisdom of your Soul for guidance”.


Ours clients's reviews

Is it possible to experience a 90 minute massage that changes your life?. I have had hundreds of massages over my lifetime. I have sought out and found the best massage therapists wherever I have lived.

Today I had the best massage of my entire life. Manuela Is a magician. She made all my cares and worries disappear. For 90 minutes during the massage and for hours after the massage was over, I was in heaven. All of my anger and my frustration were gone. I walked out onto the street a very different man from the one who walked into the massage studio and hour and a half prior.

Do yourself a favor and make time to come to this massage studio. You will never regret it. It might just change your life.


Yesterday my partner and I were at ShenSations for the first time and it was a very gratifying integral experience. Both the place and the treatment we received from the entrance to the exit helped us to live and enter into a state of peace and relaxation that was later perfectly complemented by the relaxing massage I received from Manuela in a very well cared for room with everything necessary to relax. Exceptional care and treatment, totally personalized for the state in which I arrived and my needs. Extensive knowledge of different disciplines applied to my specific case and maintaining at all times a delicate contact, very careful and very professional. In addition he extended the time and the amount was the same. Thank you very much for everything. We will be back, no doubt.


The center is a place that is cared for in detail. Great attention and love in everything they do. Super professional treatment and massage. I had a head and neck ache and in addition to my massage Manuela applied acupuncture. It breathes peace, professionalism and quality.


I had a one-hour deep tissue massage that was fantastic. Everything was very neat, the space was clean with a beautiful oriental decoration, a water fountain in the hall that created a calm and conducive to the massage. My masseuse, Manuela, had an exquisite treatment and wise hands in a super professional massage. A couple of details that made the difference: the massage table was warm, covered by an electric blanket that kept the heat on the body during the massage causing a very pleasant sensation. And on the other hand, Manuela's detail that seeing that I was very congested offered me a handkerchief soaked in eucalyptus oil to help me breathe better during the massage. Experience of 10. I will certainly come back.

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